Diana (artvixn) wrote,

Steampunk Swapmeet (Seattle)


Do you ever feel like you are looking in all the wrong places for steampunk attire?
Well, a bunch of us are purging our closets and you can reap the benefits!
Clothing, jewelry, shoes, crafts and more will be for sale or possibly even barter.

On Saturday July 11th at the All Pilgrim’s Church (lower level) we will be holding a Steampunk swapmeet/jumble/garage sale/ flea market thingy. It is the unifying theme for this event, but not a strict parameter. We are sort of time traveling sales folk, which also fits the genre, don’t you think?

July 11th

All Pilgrim’s Church (lower level), 500 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102.

Noon to 6:00 PM.

Admission is free.

(All the selling spaces are sold out, so no more inquiries please)
Tags: event, selling, steampunk
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