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2013 Steampunk Events

There are a lot of fun steampunk events coming up. Here is a list of the ones I know that I am going to do so far. More may be added to this list in time. I hope to see you at some of these events. Feel free to drop by and say hello!

Emerald City Comic Con – WA State Convention Center – March 1-3
While this isn’t technically a steampunk event, there will definitely be steampunk art, merchandise and costuming. I will be at table L- 20 in the Artists Alley with my Steamporium merchandise as well as my other art.

Steampunk Exhibition Ball – MOHAI – March 9th
A good excuse for steampunks to dress to the nines.

Norwescon – Seatac Doubletree – March 29 – 31
This is a general science fiction convention, but there will be some steampunk content. Steamcon will have a promotional table in the main hallway and we will be doing raffles and selling Steamcon memberships.

Steampunk University and Store – All Pilgrims’ Church – April 6th
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone curious about steampunk to find out what it’s all about. Even if you don’t want to attend classes, the store is a wonderful shopping opportunity. Admission is Free.

Abney Park/Steam Powered Giraffe Show – Historic Everett Theater – April 13th
This should be a fabulous concert.

Brass Screw Confederacy – Port Townsend – June 7-9
The second annual steampunk festival held in picturesque Port Townsend.

Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale – All Pilgrims’ Church – June 15th
A wondrous market filled with art and wares from many of the merchants that will be at Steamcon. It is a great opportunity to get your ensembles and props for the next steampunk events.

G.E.A.R.con – Portland Doubletree – August 5-7
Portland’s annual steampunk convention.

Time Travelers’ Rummage Sale – All Pilgrims’ Church – August 17th
One more shot at the great shopping opportunities before Steamcon.

Steamcon V – Bellevue Hyatt Regency – October 25th – 27th

Once again we present the Northwest’s premiere steampunk convention. This year’s theme is Around the World and we plan on bringing you steampunk from many lands, exploration of the Victorian world as it never was and much more. Professor Elemental has kindly offered to drop by and join in the fun as well as artist Brian Kesinger and author S.M. Stirling. It will be a grand show!

Steamcon IV is almost here!

Time is fleeting! We are one week away from all the major online deadlines for Steamcon IV. October 15th is the last day to pre-register for Steamcon IV and save time and money. Patron level membership sales end and will NOT be available at the door. It will be the last day to purchase tickets for the Airship Awards Banquet, Teatime at the Sanatorium and the Wayfarer’s Brunch. Tickets to the catered special events will also not be available at the door. And on the 15th the Airship Award voting ends.
So if you have not done so, get your memberships and tickets now! And then VOTE!

Seattle Steampunk University and Store!


12:00 – 1:00 – Intro to Steampunk: Diana Vick will give you an overview of how it all began and her take on the genre, subculture and aesthetic of steampunk.

1:00 – 2:00 – How to Dress Steampunk: Liz Spain says that your perfect steampunk outfit may be hiding in your closet! Learn how to find and alter easy-to-find inexpensive clothing to create sartorial fabulousness for all genders.

2:00 – 3:00 – Prop making: Tony Hicks aka Shamus Tinplate and Sean Forbes will show you their fabulous gadgets and talk to you about their process.

3:00 – 4:00 – Leather working & Goggle making: Mac McGowan of SteamBaby has been doing leather work of various kinds for many years. In this talk he will cover some basic leatherworking ideas and show some tips and hints for goggle construction as well

4:00 – 5:00 – Steampunk Music: Jordan Block of Sepiachord, one of the leading steampunk musicologists in the world will talk about what he finds to be steampunk music.
Classes will run from Noon until 5:00 PM
The Store will be open from Noon until 6:00 PM